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  Converged Network  
  Converged Network  
  Converged Network  

  Local Area Networking is no longer “LOCAL”. In an era of convergence, Networks are no longer isolated. LAN and WAN has converged to form a holistic Network backbone for business.

Uptime is most critical to businesses today. Downtime on Networks translate to losses that are unacceptable in a dynamic market such as today. . In an environment that is so dynamic and mission critical, every network port matters.

We at InVU understand the need of today’s business. Our approach towards building networks is that we treat all as “Mission Critical Infrastructures”.

We ensure that our team tests every product before we recommend them to our valued clients. This process has enabled us in ensuring that we have the best breed of products and solutions to offer.
  Physical Layer:  
  We address networks from the Physical Layer onwards. The Physical Layer functions as the foundation to all networks. It is most important that the right choice of product, solution and integrator is made.

InVU has vast experience in deploying both wired and wireless physical infrastructures. Our solution offering would encompass:

 Copper Networks that can address bandwidths upto 10 Gigabit
 Fiber for Horizontal and Vertical Networks
 Wireless Networks that span from conventional “FAT” Access Points to Controller based “Thin” Access Points
 Intelligent Networks that can manage your physical layer giving more visibility into your networks
  Data Link to Application Layers:  

Converged Networks are no longer about:-

 Switches, Routers, Firewalls, etc
 Port Density of the Device
 “A Brand”
 What competition is using
 Market Share of the Product

At InVU, we believe it is all about:-
 Price-Performance-Return on Investment
 Cost of Ownership
 Ease of Deployment and Management
 Scalability and Reliability
 Availability of Technical Resources
 Product Manufacturers’ Vision and Financial Stability

Our approach in building reliable converged networks is in integrating the best of breed products that conforms to the demands of our customer’s business and meets economic viability without compromising on quality and performance.
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